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The Read2Rap Literacy Program offers 3 exciting programs for youth! Read 2 Rap  Create, learn and teach the essentials of Rap! R2R radio Your chance to voice your concerns on our online radio show!   LYF Project (Love Yourself First) Designed to empower females in the community.   … [Read More...]

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We Support ALL who have donated and made efforts to bring awareness ALS via the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE. Roger T. & Kevin Cee of Read2Rap have a challenge for those … [Read More...]

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Roundtable: The Uprising with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Hailed as one of the nation’s most inspiring African Americans, Michael Eric Dyson has been credited with revitalizing the role of an ordained Baptist minister. … [Read More...]

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Some thoughts on language

Read2Rap's mission is to empower young people with language, whether through music, or conversation, or writing - R2R is founded on the assumption that language is perhaps the single most important tool that can be given to another person. Why? Great … [Read More...]

Bullying Awareness drawing by Sam Allemang

Bullying Awareness

Your life is what you make it out to be. It is a creation of your mind. You strive for what you want, and despise others for what they got. Bullying has been a major issue these last couple of weeks. When I had heard about Amanda Todd committing suicide … [Read More...]

Love image by Sam Allemang


Love is a strange thing. It brings joy to the heart, but also brings pain to the soul. Everyday you allowed lust to take you over, believing it was love. Love can easily trick the heart, mind and body. So many people run from love and hide in the shadows. They … [Read More...]

Why do we think this way? - Celebrity worship drawing by SC Allemang

Why Do We Think This Way?

We beg for the good life. The life of an everyday star is what we strive for. The fast cars, endless money and big mansions are all we crave. We want everything that the famous people have without realizing why we have become so obsessed with this lifestyle. … [Read More...]

Gone like the wind - Empty street photo by SC Allemang

Gone Like The Wind

Everyday I hear your voice in my head, Just remembering what you said, The words are on replay, Then I just wish you would just stay. We could have been flawless, I could have cried less. These are just dreams, But the reality is that its all … [Read More...]

School again - School photo by SC Allemang


School is almost here. Say goodbye to the sunny breeze, goodbye to the heat, and hello to the chill. The chill of the winter winds, and the voices of the students in the hallways, speaking behind your back. You thought you could escape for awhile from the … [Read More...]

Should Have Left..

She starts off hidden in the dark, Everyday covering up each mark, Hoping it doesn't rain, Otherwise her body will show all her pain. She uses foundation to hide the black and blue, Praying that nobody will notice the clues, Of the hand prints that were … [Read More...]