Black History School Tour

R2R Black History Month Tour

Are you looking for engaging and interactive ways to inspire youth leadership and peer-learning?

Speak Your Mind Black History Show is a series of youth lead- recorded podcasts discussing that focus on:

  • Students sharing their own experiences with culture, leadership, role modeling, discrimination.
  • Providing information about how people worked together to fight racism and make fundamental change.
  • Exploring the connection between racism and other isms and forms of discrimination such as classism, religious discrimination, homophobia, ableism, immigration discrimination, language discrimination and provide the context of the Pyramid of Hate.

Our passionate youth will have the opportunity to share their insight with your school, classroom, and parents through their very own Radio show that they will create during their time with R2R, reflecting on their experiences and perceptions of what Black History means to them.

Under the supervision and support of the R2R Radio Team, youth are expected to participate in creating their own informative podcast.

All work will be documented, and provided to the School Administration.


These sessions are limited, so book early to ensure your students get the incredible opportunity to interact with each other on this amazing platform.

To book a presentation for the February 2016, contact:

Read2Rap Literacy Program   289 387 1727


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Roger is a speaker, facilitator, activist, dedicated father, and the co-creator of Read2Rap.

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