R2R Roundtable


R2R Roundtable is a series of  podcast interviews produced by the Read2Rap team, in which we talk directly to the youth and/or people connected with the youth community (educators, mentors) about the lives of young people in our city.

We speak on issues facing youth and young adults, including sexuality, relationships, drugs and alcohol, body image and self-esteem, careers, personal safety, and health issues.

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Benefits to the Children/Youth:

  • Learn and practise new skills
  • Build an identity based on his or her beliefs and experiences
  • Develop leadership skills and the confidence to use them
  • Increased sense of self-efficiency – young people learn that they can impact real social challenges, problems, and needs.
  • Enhance their communication skills.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills, ability to work in teams, and planning abilities.
  • Higher academic achievement and interest in furthering their education.

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