RAP Program

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Our goal is to develop leaders who are confident with their own image because they are literate, cultured and socially aware. It is our belief that youth should be provided the opportunity to develop their own voice and present their own message.

Focus is placed on developing leadership skills and improving literacy within an interactive framework of analysing and writing music, individual and group activities, speech and performance skills and self-image assessment.

The Read2Rap Program allows participants to receive concentrated instruction and development in their art, fully understand the history and origins of Hip Hop culture as a whole, and to recognize its capacity as an effective tool for personal and social change. Rap music and Hip Hop culture is used as the vehicle to bring youth closer to the leader within. Students are engaged in research, creative writing, speech arts, teamwork and thought provoking discussion.

Topics of discussion may include:

  • Bullying
  • Violence
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Image
  • Self-confidence
  • Other personal or community issues

Children  & Youth School Program

R2R School Based Curriculum

The focus is placed literacy and group dynamics.

The R2R Course is conducted through group discussion, class participation, power point, presentations.

Course Outline Includes:

  • Group Dynamics
  • The Art of Listening
  • Writing Tools
  • Writing Concepts Rhyme/Content & Story Telling
  • Performance
  • Final presentations

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